Tasca Dali, Warwick

This post is about the best food I’ve had in probably five months as a rough estimation. (I struggle to talk in anything other than hyperbole so I’m trying to be realistic.) So basically, the photos all look like boring old, plain old food. But it was so great.
This place is in Warwick; it has no menu, no wine list and therefore no price lists. There is Shiraz or Rioja for wine – we obviously chose Rioja. They cook all their food behind the bar and they only stop feeding you when you get too full to go on. And we did go on…
manchego grated on fresh tomatoes and olive oil served with aioli:
slow roasted something with something something (lamb?)
the best chorizo in Warwickshire, I’m sure of it
goats cheese? with blueberry vinaigrette:


seafood pasta with aioli
different angle:

different angle:

Pork? with rice? and chickpeas
lots and lots of wine
this is where they cook everything:
If anyone reading this post lives within 20 miles of Warwick and likes Spanish food even a little bit, you have to go here.

5 bottles of wine, and 8 courses came out at £37.50 per person, not bad AT ALL considering the meal was so amazing and lasted around 3 hours (which we wanted – we like a leisurely meal).
Service was brisk and informal, which suits tapas food I think. But from what I’ve heard from friends and neighbours, and the impression I get from the host himself, this isn’t the kind of place where the customer is always right. You eat what you’re served and it’s delicious.
Just maybe rethink a visit if you’re a vegetarian…

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  1. William Muir says:

    Hi Jessica,
    I have been last month in Tasca dali in Warwick after I read your blog.
    Firstly, I must recognize the food taste real good, but the price is really expensive, non value for money for the service received and the restaurant overall
    Finally, after not having a menu we found out the dinner cost £120 by couple! which was very disappointed because we couldn’t select any menu and we’re gutted after the owner didn’t accept debit cards :o, which is not acceptable for this kind of restaurant.
    I won’t repeat again

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