Micatto, Warwick

Yesterday, some girlfriends and I went for a long country walk in the sun to see the baby lambs being born and eat plenty of cake.

Countryside Countryside
photos courtesy of my friend Charlie


this cake was so delicious! and SURPRISE it contains sour cream! and cream cheese frosting

When we got back, we all unanimously decided we didn’t want to carry on with our respective university work, so we went out for a spontaneous dinner in Warwick. We chose the new Italian restaurant Micatto run by the same guys as La Coppola (my review here), Corleone’s and Bar Angeli in Leamington Spa and here is my very honest review of it…

So, I liked the exterior, but it’s busy and not very unique as it looks very similar on the outside to Bar Angeli and very similar to La Coppola on the inside:

Micatto Micatto

We were about 10 minutes late to our reservation but we had rung up on the way to tell them that we were behind schedule. Oops. We sat down and they took our coats to hang them on the pegs (which I like) but then I was freezing cold the whole meal due to a really bad draft!

The menu was quite small – something which doesn’t normally bother me – but it was also not very varied in my opinion. For example, there were no tomato pasta dishes, so if you didn’t want a creamy sauce you were completely out of luck on the pasta front. But the starters were all very appealing and we got 3 to share between 5 of us, checking with the waitress whether that would be enough. She didn’t seem to know what we were saying, though. This was a common theme – we were offered drinks but when two of the girls had ordered their wine, they left, assuming that we all wanted the same and not actually conversing with us very much. Which shouldn’t really be surprising, I suppose, as the same person never seemed to come to our table twice so you never developed any sort of relationship with them. After ordering starters, one man wandered over and placed our napkins on our laps and walked away, all wordlessly.

Anyway, our starters were a creamy cheese wrapped in proscuitto, cheesey croquettes and spicy sausage, but 3 was definitely not enough to have between 5:

from left: spicy sausage, croquettes, creamy cheese proscuitto
These were – to their credit – delicious, and we all had different favourites. I actually preferred the one on the right, slightly out of shot, a creamy cheese wrapped in proscuitto with a balsamic glaze which tasted much more and quite differently from what I had expected. The spicy sausage on new ‘potatoes’ (the menu said ‘potatoes’ but the dish actually delivered 1 small new potato sliced in half) was really tasty, much like a Spanish chorizo flavour. The middle croquettes were actually underwhelming as compared to my expectations, but they were salty and cheesey.

For my main, I ordered the pumpkin Panzerotti and, after the size of our starters and our big country walk, was hoping for a nice big bowl of it. And then this arrived:


What you’ll see here is THREE pieces of pasta, hardly filled at all (they’re not exactly bursting at the seams are they?) in what looks to me like melted chocolate ice cream. And those 3 pieces of pasta cost me £10. Let’s just say that the look on my face was probably quite a picture of disappointment as my tummy rumbled in protest. I mean, it tasted good. It was rich, but the filling didn’t play a huge role and I could mostly just taste pasta and sauce. And I was very conscious of being able to eat this in about 6 bites, so I spent most of the meal trying to tell myself to slow down.

In fairness, the Tagliatelle was described by Charlie as the best pasta dish she’d ever had before, but mine wasn’t, and hers was quite small as well.

As we were all pretty dissatisfied with our portion sizes, we had a peruse of the dessert menu, but as nothing caught our fancy (as I said, I was cold so I wanted something warm, but even the chocolate fondant was described as a ‘cold chocolate fondant’ so that went out the window), and because we were also bemused by the strangeness of the service, we decided not to partake in pudding, and ran away to Wetherspoons instead for a massive chocolate sundae for a grand total of £2.70.

To sum up Micatto in a few words, I would say: don’t bother, you can do probably do better. (We did, incidentally, at Wetherspoons.)


  1. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree with you went with my girlfriend last night to this italian restaurant. To be honest the fried seafood was really really poor with only four rings of calamari and small fishs with courgettes. That was the worst dish i have ever had and the rest of the food on the menu didnt have pasta with red tomato sauces which is very unsual. No breads or olives served before a meal means that these people haven't got a clue of italian cuisine altho they speak italian. Very poor service and disappointed with the dishes would not recommend only suitable for english people as nowing how to cook is an art. 3 out of ten.

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