My Week of Dinners

We’re cooking a lot recently, so instead of doing one or more posts per day, I’m going to post about the dinners I’ve had for the week.

On Friday, we had a bacon, leek & egg risotto by Smitten Kitchen:



This was fantastic and the first risotto I’ve ever cooked myself.
On Saturday, we had Smitten Kitchen’s meatball sliders, although we didn’tmake the bread rolls ourselves:

meatball sliders meatball sliders meatball sliders
meatball sliders meatball sliders

On Sunday, we had thefithousewife’s vegetarian Mexican lasagne:

mexican lasagne
mexican lasagne mexican lasagne

On Monday, I started a new job, and so for dinner we made something relatively easy, Smitten Kitchen’s almond-pesto linguine (although we had accidentally already used up all of our basil so used a pesto sauce in place of the basil):

almond pesto linguine
almond pesto linguine
On Tuesday, we had a home-made salad of anything we could find in the fridge, which included Mexican cheese, smoked ham and avocado. (I am a bad blogger and neglected to take a photo before scoffing it.)
On Wednesday, we had some leftover beef casserole that was lurking in our freezer because for some strange reason we had run out of pretty much all of the necessary ingredients for the recipe we wanted to make, bar the strawberries.

And finally, on Thursday we had Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s chickpea pitta pockets and
carrot chickpea pitta carrot chickpea pitta
carrot chickpea pitta

Tonight (Friday), we’re going out for dinnner. I’m a pretty lucky girl, really, aren’t I?
I highly recommend them all, although I thought last night’s pitta pockets would have been improved with oven-roasted peppers and red onions. I also added lashings of hummous.

Definitely try the Mexican lasagne, too! Oh and the pasta (great leftover for lunch the next day too!)… and the sliders… and the risotto…

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